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Future of Mobility

Corporate Design Thinking Spaces

Design Thinking & Human Resources

Embracing Design Thinking in Medium-Sized Enterprises

Research meets Practice

Mechanics of Change: Future of Design from a Tech Perspective

Creative Talk: 100 Years of Bauhaus

Learning Journeys: Design Thinking & Government

Learning Journeys: Design Thinking & Science

Learning Journeys: Design Thinking & Social Innovation

d.note: Future Now - A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible

D-Schools International

Future of Learning

Looking into the Future of Work

Neurobiology & Design Thinking

Design Thinking in Schools

Scaling Design Thinking in large enterprises - by Design at Business

Creative entrepreneurship: 'drop your tools, think beyond methods'

Design Thinking Stories & Cases

Hacking Your Company Culture – The Design Thinking Hacking Jam

Learning Journeys: D-School Projects



From Individual Meanings to a Collective Narrative

Jobs-to-be-done in real-world design-led innovation projects

The Deep Empathy Experiment: How might we reduce violence against women?

This is what participation looks like

Matching Design Thinking with your organizational culture

What role does intuition play in Design Thinking Teams?

Discussing Stories & Cases with the HPI Academy Project Partners

Mapping Your Creative Ecosystem

Developing skills for innovation in Entrepreneurship Education

Future Driven Exploration

The Peer Lab – Your Next Design Thinking Steps

Redesign Democracy

Design Thinking & Agile

Synergies between Design Thinking and Futures Thinking

How Design Thinking can bring innovation to political processes by involving all stakeholders

Unveil Consumer Triggers: Subconscious Insight Workshop

Design Thinking in schools - Change of paradigm?

How to engage with fuzzy ideas at the very front end of innovation

Make space for innovation - How to build your own creative workspace


HPI Academy Meet & Greet

Analogue Social Media

Autonomous shuttle for urban areas

The D.GARTEN - "Ein Post-It der Gemütlichkeit"

Facilitape it!

The Improv mindset. Yes and.


Experiential Learning Styles: A Physical Data Visualization

A Multi-Team, Full-Cycle, Product-Oriented Scrum Simulation with LEGO Bricks

Failure Frequency: a multimedia interactive performance

An interactive exhibition of Post-its

Playing the future - a trendwatching game

Visual Pitching Framework: A powerful way of communication in diverse teams

Design Thinking Research Lab

Design Thinking Research Lab

Evening Program

d.reception: Celebrating 10 Years of HPI School of Design Thinking in Germany


Design Thinking Safari

Design Thinking Safari in Berlin