The MHPLab Berlin enables customers to realize the chances of the digitalization and to cope the transformation successfully through collaboration with MHP. In detail, companies can use the full resources of the MHPLab for a specific amount of time, be it a month-long sprint or a multi-year collaboration. The “Lab as a Service” offer gives access to more than just the location itself. So, the specific know-how of our consultants, the integration of start-ups as well as the technological equipment is included. Initially, starting points for the collaboration will be identified within the customer’s organization and the product portfolio. Afterwards, user-centered ideas and concepts will be developed during the research, ideation and prototyping phases to form solutions for real life challenges and to create innovative solutions for the future. Keeping in mind the technical and organizational needs of the customer, the solution will be finally transferred into the organization. Altogether, the approach of the MHPLab is built on agile methods, the distribution of functional roles and the active integration of different topic owners based on ideal technological equipment.