intraprenör - Spreewerkstätten

Our workspace at Spreewerkstätten is a textbook example of Berlin's creative community. It provides a perfect environment for people to come together and experiment with new ways of working. Founded in 2013 by a team of artists, musicians and culture makers, the SWS community has successively renovated and opened an old mint in the heart of Berlin for use by a diverse network of startups, NGOs, music producers, artists and corporate partners. Following the principles of participation and collaboration, the building hosts a variety of presentations and events ranging from art exhibitions and fashion shows to corporate gatherings. Like the building we call home and the city that surrounds it, our space on the first floor of the building is a constant work in progress. From the furniture to the walls, everything is moveable and responsive to reflect the nature of our work and ideas. During your visit, we will explore the house, tour our office and learn more about our unique way of working.